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The story so far...

 Born in the year 2177, Frank Genuardi was caught in a terrible lab accident that turned him into a kid again and sent him back in time to the 1980's. Raised on a steady diet of music videos, horror/sci-fi movies, and comics and cartoons he began to develop plans for world domination. However, his knowledge of the future and addiction to 80's nerd culture would prove  not to be enough and Frank went on a quest to learn the ancient ways of the graphical arts!

The young madman spent years learning to drawn by tracing comic books. Honing his art through regular critique battles with other middle schoolers, and later on high schoolers, Frank soon began to create his own army of comic book supermen. His creations, however, were still hideous artistic aberrations lacking in any sort of proper anatomy, composition, or any other truly artistic qualities.

Devastated, and vowing to take revenge on his enemies he retreated back into the future. Much of this time still remains clouded in mystery but we do know that he gained much knowledge and power. He remained there until the Great Lay-Off of 2211 and returned to the year 2012 once the dust settled. 

Upon his return Frank immediately laid waste to the Fine Arts Program at the Montgomery County Community College by claiming the top prize in the 2013 Student Show for drawing as well as and achievement award for painting, a feat which he repeated the following year as well. After a short stint helping to design and create a sculptural doomsday device for local sculptor, Fred Kreichet, he was accepted to the bastion of evil known throughout the twelve universes as The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Frank participated in many group showcases of the Academy's evil might including the show on the fifth floor last semester that I don't remember the name of right now and 2016's Happiness, life, and liberty show in Gallery 128.


Frank helps other villains using his mixed arsenal of drawing, painting, and printmaking to bring their horrific visions to life. Can he be stopped? Will he draw more into his dastardly plans Find out by following him on Facebook and Instagram!!!


Help plan world domination

Let's do some art villany!!
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